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What does it cost to become an Afiliate?

It is absolutely free to become an Affiliate of Success Trading. It's our way of giving you even more income streams, and we do all we possible can to help you succeed as an Affiliate. We have the highest payout in the Industry.

What do I get?

We pay you $150 every single time you sell our service to a new member, who pays the $250 using your Affiliate link. This can very quickly and easily add up and become a big amount of extra income, besides what you make on following our Daily Signals.

Do I get my own Backoffice?

Yes you do. You get your own profesionally created Backoffice, where you can track your referrals and keep an eye on the payments you will receive from us.

How do I promote?

Exactly how you do it is up to yourself. But we strongly advice to follow our Guidelines and never spam people. We do create loads of Marketing Material for you to use. Like Facebook banners, pictures for a variety of social medias and even videos. Everything will be free for you to use and easy to download from the link you find under the 'Affiliate' section on this website. You also get your own capture page with your personal link for people to join your business. Getting sign-ups have never been this easy !!